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BIOENSIS Immuno-oncology Platform allows for better decision-making earlier in the drug development process. Our unique 2D/3D antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) and antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis (ADCP) platforms enable efficacy evaluation of therapeutic antibodies that accurately reflects cell-cell interactions, metabolic gradients including antibody diffusion and distribution.

Cell proliferation assays offers a systematic method to screen anti-cancer agents against cancer cell lines for the evaluation of efficacy and biomarker association. Our 3D cultures are grown under physiologically relevant conditions that better predict in vivo activity, thus allowing for a confident selection of promising drug candidates for further testing and reducing the risk of costly, “false starts.”

Cell invasion/migration assays monitor the activity of test articles in their role in cancer initiation, tumor progression and metastasis as well as tissue remodeling. BIOENSIS' invasion assays are designed to quantify the efficacy of a compound’s capability to inhibit invasive metastatic and endothelial cell movement across a basement membrane.

Immune-cell killing assays test for the ability of therapeutic antibodies to stimulate T cells and NK cells to kill target cancer cells.

Phagocytosis assays tests for the killing of cancer cells via phagocytosis by monocyte-derived macrophages. 

Please contact us to discuss your study requirements and an up to date list of available cell lines   

Don’t see it here? BIOENSIS has the expertise and flexibility to develop custom assays designed to answer your critical pharmacology questions.


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