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There’s a BIOENSIS solution for each of your predictive pharmacology challenges

Cellular Invasion plays an important role in cancer initiation, tumor progression, metastasis and tissue remodeling. BIOENSIS' invasion assays are designed to quantify the efficacy of a compound’s capability to inhibit invasive metastatic and endothelial cell movement across a basement membrane.

BIOENSIS’ invasion assays are done in Boyden chamber transwells (96-well format) coated with a Basal Membrane Extract (BME). In this assay, cells are seeded on the apical chamber and incubated with a chemotractant (in the filler chamber) in the presence or absence of a test article. Quantitation of cellular migration/invasion is done by fluorometric quantification.

BIOENSIS’ Invasion/Migration assays:

• Flexible testing protocols for migration and invasion

• Compound testing done in Boyden chambers, IC50 and EC50 are provided

• Fluorometric or imaging detection

• Multiple cell lines available for testing

Please contact us to discuss your study, pricing and an up to date list of available cell lines 

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