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Cellular Cytotoxicity 

There’s a BIOENSIS solution for each of your predictive pharmacology challenges

2D/3D Cytotoxicity Assays in more than 150 tumor-derived cell lines, with testing conditions optimized for specific agents and cell lines.

The BIOENSIS 3D cellular cytotoxicity-screening platform allows for better decision-making earlier in the drug development process by quantifying efficacy of your innovative anti-cancer agent. Our 3D culture protocols provide maximum flexibility in testing conditions, allowing us to customize assays with ease to fit your needs.

Key assay features:

• 150+ cell lines available for testing
• Compounds tested in quadruplicate at nine concentrations
• Cell viability determined by ATP measurement
• Precision IC50, EC50, and GI50 results
• Multiple endpoints available to meet your needs (proliferation, apoptosis, cell signaling)
• Flexible testing protocols
• Combination screening available
• Available in 2D and 3D cultures

Please contact us to discuss your study and an up to date list of available cell lines   

Don’t see it here? BIOENSIS has the expertise and flexibility to develop custom assays designed to answer your critical pharmacology questions.

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