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We are the premier provider of 3D Cellular Pharmacology Services

BIOENSIS is the solution to your predictive pharmacology needs
Led by a scientific team with more than 40 years of combined experience in preclinical pharmacology. BIOENSIS is the premiere innovator of 3D pharmacology technologies that most accurately recapitulate the microenvironment of human tissues and tumors. Our 2D and 3D offerings provide the most comprehensive approach to predictive pharmacology and allows us to meet our customers’ needs.

Our cutting-edge technology has been validated and optimized in more than 130+ cell lines and primary tissues. Our flexible technology enables assay customization and optimization for additional cell lines and organ tissues. We have a demonstrated a track record of unparalleled commitment to our clients, with open dialogue and clear collaboration to achieve their predictive pharmacology objectives with ease and efficiency. 

BIOENSIS’ 3D pharmacology systems maintain the cellular interactions, signaling pathways and metabolic/physiologic gradients that occur in human tissue. This allows small molecules and biologics to be evaluated in a microenvironment that more faithfully reflects the environment of human tissues, overcoming many of the limitations of 2D approaches and improving the predictive capabilities of preclinical pharmacology assays.


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